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Gluing line with PUR and EVA hot melt glue

Thanks to the use of hot-melt adhesives, it is possible to obtain fast adhesion, maximum sealing and a highest production capacity. These are structural adhesives that chemically react with the humidity of the air which, once dried, become almost waterproof.

Above are just some of the characteristics that contribute to ensure our gluing lines and sandwich panels composition, precision and high productivity.


With these types of glues, it is possible to glue and apply materials where traditional glues have difficulty in adhesion. The spreading rollers of the machine are heated by internal electric resistances immersed in diathermic oil. All functions are managed and controlled by a PLC system with color touch screen interface.


Composition is facilitated by our INDEX system. The standard version includes a trolley to lead down the panel already glued on both sides, on the covering sheet already positioned on the carpet. On the server shelves is stored the cladding material to be applied.

Automatic 4 rollers gluing machine for hotmelt glues (PUR, EVA)
Combined sandwich panel composition unit
Transfer unit with motor driven synthetic conveyor
Calender sheet roller press
Transfer unit with motor driven rollers
Top and bottom roller brusher for MDF, chipboard and other panels
Top and bottom roller brusher for MDF, chipboard and other panels
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