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Gluing line with traditional water-based glues D3 and D4

Line for the composition of sandwich panels glued with cold adhesives for S4R/P and SV4x4-350 gluing machines with INDEX system complete with motorized belt and server for the storage of cladding.


The standard version includes a trolley to lay down the panel, glued on both sides, on the covering sheet already positioned on the carpet.


After that, with the control pedal, it is possible to move the cladding server, by manually sliding the covering on the panel, to continue then in the roller or flat press

Decoiler applicator for finish foil papers with automatic cut
Mixer CLT-A
Automatic feeder for bi-component glue
Transfer unit with motor driven synthetic conveyor
Transfer unit with motor driven
Automatic 4 rollers gluing machine with 2 motors
Transfer unit with motor driven rollers
Top and bottom roller brusher for MDF, chipboard and other panels
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