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Gluing line for plywood and multilayer production

Gluing line for plywood with cold adhesives with SV4x4-350 automatic gluing machine.


Thanks to the direct motorization on each of the 4 rollers, this machine is the top of the range our machines. The structure allows to reach a useful working width up to 3600 mm. Structure and features have been designed to be able to minimize and make maintenance operations as simple as possible.


The standard version has 2 applicator rollers with a diameter of 348 mm. in rubber with 65 shore hardness and 2 dosing rollers in ebonite with 100 shore hardness with diameter 242 mm. All internal protections are made of stainless steel.


The SV4x4-350 is also equipped with a pneumatic clutch on each motor, to avoid damage caused by the fall of an external object between the rollers or by the passage of panels with a thickness greater than that set.

Automatic gluing machine with 4 rollers with 4 motors
Transfer unit with motor driven
Top and bottom roller brusher for MDF, chipboard and other panels
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